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OrganiCart, more than a company is a living entity moved by sentiments which are a feeling that many things are going wrong, that commercialisation and money making is killing men, women and children of all ages with chemical weapons like pesticides, insecticides, steroids, anti-biotics, that the mass production is an engine which uses lives of millions of families as a fuel, that causes people CANCER, that drains the fertility of soil and disrupts the ecological balance just like a woman full of youth is losing its fertility, that what we think is the best and for what we spend our hard earned money is in all a complete cheat by some thugs, whom we can call food Mafias too, that every man who wants to provide for his family deserves better, that every child who eats for nutrition deserves better, that every mother who feeds her kids deserve better, that humans in their plates DESERVE BETTER! Which increases the SATTVA in all of us.

We are a platform where all that you deserve can be found, a complete range which caters all your kitchen needs, from the smallest to the largest spread over 15 categories like grocery, dairy, fresh fruits, healthcare, personal care, snacks, health food, super food, bakery, beverages, mom and baby etc and only organic and healthier alternatives to the traditional products sourced from almost all the players which shares same zeal as us across the country that is, to make your plates your route to well being.

We have all the esteemed brands and the local farmers sowing their hearts in their fields as our valuable partners, ranging from micro and small home-grown and backyard brands to the large giants functioning in corporate structures and in one way or all dealing exclusively in ORGANIC/HEALTH FOOD/ VEGAN/ GOURMET selections. We invite you to join hands with us, choose this lifestyle and “EMBRACE THE EAT GOOD CULTURE!”

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