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Thank you for trusting OrganiCart. As an honest organic products seller, we try to keep our relationship with our customers transparent too. Therefore, the below policy is to inform you that visiting the OrganiCart website means that you are willing to comply with the Privacy Policy of OrganiCart.

Contact Information

We always advise you to log in to the website/app for better service. This keeps your information saved on our server and gives us access to your personal information such as your name and contact details. Rest assured, that we only use your contact details to keep you updated about our website and help you to not miss any sales, launches or back in stock updates.

Personal Information

Your personal information like your age and other demographic details provided at the time of logging in, aids us in helping you find products best suited to you and analyse the customer trends and demographic on our website. Your personal information is strictly confidential. Our main aim in collecting personal information is to provide the best customer service.


The OrganiCart website has a secure domain that ensures that any information you put on the website cannot be retrieved by any unauthorised access. Even in cases where you change your personal details on the website, your past information is safely discarded and new information is stored under the secure server.

Changes in the Notice

This Privacy Policy is to ensure that customers get the best service without compromising sensitive information at any point. OrganiCart withholds the right to change the privacy policy at any time without giving prior notice.

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