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Nattfru Bael Fruit Juice | Beal Juice for Healthy Gut & Good Digestion | No Added Color or Preservatives - Only 100% Fruit

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1. Preserved by Freeze Drying - Nattfru’s range of easy-to-prepare juices come to you Freeze Dried. Freeze Drying is a process undertaken with the goal of extending the shelf life of the fruit by preserving its goodness, freshness, purity, nutrients, and all its perishable components. 2. Solution to your Digestion Woes - Bael works like magic when it comes to avoiding your digestive problems. The fruit has rich antibacterial and antifungal properties which are very effective in controlling gastric ulcers. 3. Blood Purifier - Bael juice purifies your blood, thanks to the minerals that help in the removal of harmful toxins from the body, apart from its naturally detoxifying properties as well, keeping your kidney and liver healthy. 4. Easy-to-Carry & Easy-to-Prepare - Now carry the health and nutrition with you, everywhere you go. And wherever you go, all you need to do is add water to enjoy the nutritional richness of our juices. 5. Enjoy Seasonal Goodness Year Long - You don’t need to wait for a season to be able to enjoy your favourite fruit juice. Nattfru brings to you goodness of Seasonal fruits, with their nutrients and purity intact, just like the nature has provided us.

₹ 400.00

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