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Nattfru Blue Pea / Aparajita Tea - Natural Blue Purple Iced Tea, Cooler, Cocktails, Mocktails | Herbal Tea - High on Anti Oxidants

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1. Preserved by Freeze Drying - Nattfru’s range of easy-to-prepare juices come to you Freeze Dried. Freeze Drying is a process undertaken with the goal of extending the shelf life of the fruit by preserving its goodness, freshness, purity, nutrients, and all its perishable components. 2. Better Memory & Brain Function - Aparajita helps in memory and brain function, by increasing the Acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter). High acetylcholine levels in the brain are known to decrease age-associated memory loss and improve memory. 3. Relieves Anxiety & Hypertension - Drinking a cup of Aparajita Tea in the day can help the body deal with stress and hence, with Hypertension & Anxiety as well. It refreshes mood and keeps you happy. 4. Easy-to-Carry & Easy-to-Prepare - Now carry the health and nutrition with you, everywhere you go. All you need to do is just drop the tea bag in a glass of water for 3 minutes before adding Lemon & Sugar from the sachet. 5. Enjoy Seasonal Goodness Year Long - You don’t need to wait for a season to be able to enjoy your favourite fruit juice. Nattfru brings to you goodness of seasonal fruits, with their nutrients and purity intact, just like the nature has provided us.

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