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As our Privacy Policy states, our customer information is strictly confidential. If you want to update information under your account, we encourage you to update it soon on our secure server to ensure that our service has the maximum advantage for you.

OrganiCart reserves the right to terminate your account, refuse accessing the website or remove/edit content without updating you.


As soon as your order is confirmed, we send you an email with a tentative delivery date. As the delivery depends on various other factors, we are not able to provide an exact date immediately. Once the order is dispatched you can use our tracking service to get real-time updates on the location of your courier.

Return Policy

Our products are the epitome of organic freshness. However, if due to some reason you want to cancel an order to return our product you have the option to cancel/return, depending on the nature of the product. For more information, reach out to us at email id or contact no.

Social Media Policy

Our social media profiles are provided on the website/app, please be vary of pages acting in the name of OrganiCart that are not mentioned by us. Creating pages on our patented name is a violation of our terms and conditions.

Code of Conduct

OrganiCart gives you rights to access the website and buy from it, but it does not allow downloading or creating changes on the website. You do not hold the right to use the products on the website for any commercial purposes. Using the logo or trademark or OrganiCart is a violation of the company rules. And, the content on the website is not authorised for duplication. If you wish to do any of the above, you need to acquire written consent from OrganiCart and its affiliates.

The violation of the company rules gives OrganiCart a right to terminate your account or temporarily shut it down.

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