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Why Organic?

A study suggests over 2,600 tonnes of antibiotics are used in India per year

And not the good kind.

There is a rampant usage of antibiotics and steroids to promote the growth of plants. The use of insecticides and pesticides to keep the crops “fit” is quite popular. And it is causing a lot of harm. As they say the killer never remembers the face, these chemicals once used at the fields and in the livestock becomes omnipresent in the environment are unconsciously and indirectly consumed by every person who consumes thy products.

The chemicals used to ‘protect our crops’ may give a giant produce but they contain carcinogenic elements and chemicals that harm your body.

Still wondering why, you should switch to organic?

  • Because organic food is so much more. Beyond fresh, natural, and healthy!
  • Because it is sustainable and cares for you.
  • Because there’s no post-processing.
  • Because there aren’t any artificial additions to their raw essence.

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